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Below you can find the Support Terms & Conditions for our various applications.


1. Support

Support services to be provided hereunder shall consist of: (i) technical or operation assistance, in response to direct specific questions, provided by software user ("Customer", "you", or "your") to Tracx Systems Ltd. ("Provider", "we", or "us"), relating to the Cloud Software; and (ii) remedies for any programming errors which are attributed to the Cloud Software and which significantly hinders software users appropriate use of the Software. If software user uses Support for training purposes, Tracx Systems Ltd. reserves the right to charge for the professional services in accordance with its standard hourly rates.

2. Hours of Operation

Support shall be available during regular business hours (8:00 AM to 5:00PM MST) via email or built-in chat function. Any phone support is subject to additional fees to be determined between you and us.

3. Incident Handling

All requests for support shall be classified in the manner set forth below by us, and our classification shall be the sole determination for the applicable response level.
Severity Level Problem Description
High A situation is stopping you from running your business. Someone is unable to do their job. (i.e. cannot run dispatch, cannot access Software/Site down)
Medium You have an issue causing concern, but not hindering your daily operation (i.e. maps shows different route, cannot pay their drivers, cannot invoice)
Low Small issues and things thought as “nice to have” (i.e. cosmetic changes)

4. Response and Resolution

We shall use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to any request for support within the time frames set forth below, and we shall use commercially reasonable efforts to resolve the issue within time frames set forth below or to provide you with a temporary work around until a solution is found to the issue. You agree with us that response times shall only be calculated during our regular business hours as set forth above.
Severity Level Target Response Time Target Resolution
High 1 business hour 4 business hours
Medium 1 business day 4 business days
Low 5 business days n/a

6. Your Responsibility

If you become aware of an error, defect or non-conformity in the Software it is your responsibility to notify us of such error, defect or non-conformity, and you shall provide us with a listing of output and/or any such other data as we may reasonably require in order to reproduce operating conditions similar to those present when the error occurred or the defect or nonconformity was discovered.